The country on the second biggest island on earth is a jungle paradise with wild animals, exotic plants and a native tribal culture. Locked between Papua New Guinea to the east and West Papua, time seems to stand still here. 

In late 2018, Global Photographer Peter Levshin, spent ten days with a Papuan tribe in the east of the country, headed by Chief Didi Musse. Peter captured beautiful and poignant images of a people steeped in ancient culture, rites, tradition and pride. Sadly as the modern world beckons these native peoples are being slowly driven away from the lands they have known for millennia. More info here ➔

the DANI people of papua

With a complicated history, the Indonesian  province of Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), is home to more than 300 tribes, each with their own culture and languages, some as different as Chinese is to English. Peter felt honored to spend some time with one of these tribes, the DANI people headed by Chief Didi Musse. The Chief and Peter formed a mutual respect and friendship over the ten days. To ensure they could keep in contact, Peter gifted the Chief with an iPhone…and although it took ten months to arrive, Chief Didi was happy to receive it.  (watch below)

Peter’s infectious personality and curious anthropological spirit, meant many great moments were had between a respectful outsider and an ancient and strong culture and its amazing people. However, they and many other Papuan peoples are under constant threat of change by Indonesia and other special interest groups interested in pillaging the abundant natural resources located there. This ancient culture and their way of life is under threat.  We can do more for these people than just document their incredible culture. By donating or making other’s aware of the Papuan people’s plight you can help. Go here for more info.